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Dreamers have a Destiny

Are you a dreamer? Dreamers have a destiny, a purpose. God speaks to His people through dreams. Your purpose is tied up in your dreams. Though it may not look like it, and though the vision tarry, wait for it. … Continue reading

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Which is greater, to WORSHIP or SERVE?

Are we really rushing around just to be busy or are we rushing around to sit at the Master’s feet? I admonish you to rush to be in the presence of God. Refuse to allow the distractions of life to … Continue reading

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Life-Long Learning

Listen to learn and learn to listen. All of life’s great mysteries can be discovered through the art of listening. Take a moment, listen to your heart, listen to what others in your circle are saying, listen as the gentle, … Continue reading

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God’s Ear

Mothers are endued with a special gift of attention to detail, especially when it comes to hearing. A mother could be at a crowded park talking as her children play, but there’s no mistaking her child’s cry for another; mothers … Continue reading

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Hide & Seek

My favorite game as a kid was hide and seek. Even a rainy day could not spoil such fun. Improvising, we would hide under the covers. Under the covers to us meant out of sight, out of mind. Under the … Continue reading

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Stand Still

When your back is up against the wall, STAND STILL. God can and will deliver you in due season. I must confess that me and my family have been going through a rough time here lately. This is the lesson … Continue reading

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Most Valuable Asset

What is your most valuable asset? Is it your job? Is it your stock portfolio? Is it your house, your car? Is it your laptop? Or is it the watch that was passed down from your grandmother/grandfather? All of these … Continue reading

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